These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US

Online banks have truly revolutionized the banking industry. They provide customers with more convenient and secure services than ever before. Customers can now make quick payments and easy transfers and purchases online. Online banks also provide access to a wide variety of features that makes managing finances simple.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the top 7 online banking accounts in the US today, the wide range of features they offer, and why its worthwhile opening a checking or savigs account with them.

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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Those looking for an online bank with great features and benefits can look towards Synchrony with its wide range of banking products and services as well as online banking tools, budgeting tools, and a robust mobile banking app.

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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With Synchrony, customers can trust that their accounts are secure and they can easily access their money at any time and any place. Partnered with top customer services, clients have a full suite of benefits when it comes to online banking. 

The online bank also offers the most competitive rates in the industry. Check out special promotions and cashback rewards when you bank online with Synchrony.



Quontic stands out amongst a myriad of other online banks in the US with its wide range of perks and benefits. One would think that this online bank has some of the best features that you might not know even exist. 

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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The bank offers no monthly fees, no minimum monthly requirements, and has some of the best and most competitive rates on its checking and savings accounts. 

The bank also offers mortgage and home equity loan products and even credit cards and other banking services. Experience everything the online bank has to offer when you download their mobile banking app.


Capital One

Probably one of the most popular online banks on this list, Capital One stands out as one of the best online banks in the US. Capital One is one of the largest banks in the US with branches in almost every major city in the country. 

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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The online bank offers a wide range of online banking services such as credit cards, loans, and investment products. It also offers perks like no monthly fees, competitive savings rate, and many more. 

With their online mobile banking app, you can easily manage your finances, check balances, make payments, transfer money, set up deposits, and more. Some types of accounts allow cardholders to enjoy a rewards program that lets them earn points for purchases made at participating establishments. 

Axos Bank

With so many online banks, it can be difficult to find one that is reliable and convenient. While you may not be familiar with Axos Bank, there are hundreds of reasons why this is one of the best online banking accounts in the US. 

The online bank has robust online banking tools paired with excellent customer service. With Axos Bank, you get the most out of your money with its competitive rates on checking and savings accounts, money market accounts, and more. 

The online bank also provides a wide selection of loan options that include personal loans, auto loans, business loans, and even home equity loans. Axos Bank is the only online bank on the FDIC’s list of best banks in the US.

Varo Bank

Another great example of an online bank is Varo Bank. Varo Bank is one of the best online banks in the US because it provides a simple and secure way to manage your money

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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You can open savings and checking accounts, make transfers and payments, and even set up a budget using their online mobile app. One of the biggest benefits you’ll get with Varo Bank is that you don’t have to pay any monthly fees or minimums. 

It is one of the most attractive features for anyone looking to save money and not pay a lot of fees. The online bank also lets you build up your savings quickly with its competitive interest rates on its savings accounts. If you’re looking for an online bank that caters to your needs, Varo Bank is the right one for you.


Discover offers cash back programs, customer service, competitive rates, and security features. With its Cashback Bonus program, customers can get up to 20% cash back at select merchants, and 5% cash back on certain categories.

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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You also get to enjoy competitive interest rates on savings accounts and loans as well as checking accounts that have no minimum balance requirements

Discover stands out even more with its 24/7 customer support through phone, chat, and email as well as its official website that offers helpful educational resources for customers. 

Ally Bank

When you think of online banking, the very first thing that comes to mind should always be security. Fortunately, Ally Bank offers one of the most secure banking in the country with its secure encryption technology for online transactions, fraud protection services, and advanced monitoring systems that help prevent fraudulent activities and transactions. 

These Are the Top 7 Online Banking Accounts in the US
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The bank offers zero liability for customers with unauthorized or fraudulent purchases. Ally Bank also offers a wide range of financial products with no hidden fees or minimum balance requirements. 

Dedicated to providing excellent customer service, Ally Bank allows customers to open checking, savings, money market accounts, and even IRA accounts without any issues. Ally Bank also offers loans such as auto loans, home loans, credit cards, and more.


With a wide range of financial services, these online banks offer the best possible way to save money while also taking advantage and making good use of modern technology. Not only do online banks make our lives easier, but they also enrich our day-to-day activity now that accessing our accounts can be made online.

All in all, these online banks are prime examples of top banking apps available today for those who are looking for an efficient and effective way to manage their finances.

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